October 3, 2018

Renovating the System of Legal Education in Pakistan

The legal system is the most important part of the foundation of any state. Laws regulate the society and its functions and direct all residing within […]
September 22, 2018

Support the Construction of Pakistan’s Water Dams

Surah Namal tells us the story of a powerful lady with her cosmic empire, Queen Bilqis of Kingdom Saba who is a highly venerated lady in […]
August 18, 2018

The much needed change to the Frontier Crimes Regulation

The British, in trying to establish effective control on the territory of sub-continent, used every suitable and unsuitable method. The Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) was the […]
July 18, 2018

The need to restrict Freedom of Expression on Social Media

Human rights are based on the principle that every individual is entitled to respect. Their fundamental assumption is that each person is a moral and rational […]
July 12, 2018

The Avenfield Verdict

The much debated 9- month long Avenfield case pertaining to the purchase of four flats in Park Lane, London by the Sharif family was finally concluded […]
June 22, 2018

Contract Law in Pakistan demands to be ‘re-visited’

The Contract Act of 1872 was brought into effect by the Imperial legislative Council as an Act No: 9 of 1872, in British India, derived from […]
June 6, 2018

Undermining the Jurisdiction of the High Court

Independence of Judiciary means that judiciary must be free from the intrusions of the other organs of the State i.e. Legislature and Executive. Early Political Thinkers […]
May 7, 2018

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution, usually referred to as ADR, is a process in which parties in a dispute resolve their problems with mutual consent without going through […]